ACCT at the Senate of Canada

ACCT Board Members Teresa Woo-Paw and David Tam were introduced at the Senate of Canada on October 5, 2017. Senator Yuen Pau Woo spoke briefly about ACCT.

From the October 5, 2017 Debates of the Senate:


Hon. Yuen Pau Woo: Honourable senators, allow me to tell you about a new organization represented by my guests who are in the viewing gallery today.

The Association for Chinese Canadians Together Foundation was set up recently with three objectives. The first is to achieve full inclusion for Chinese Canadians in all aspects of society. The second is to advance leadership in the current and next generation of Chinese Canadians. And third, they hope to inspire pride in Chinese heritage and culture.

Colleagues, this is a nonpartisan organization trying to promote greater involvement in civic life. Unfortunately, we do not have as many Chinese Canadians in civic life as we would like to see, and the number was sadly diminished a few weeks ago with the untimely passing of MP Arnold Chan.

Teresa Woo-Paw, David Tam and Mr. Woo are founders of this organization, together with other Chinese Canadians across the country, including our very own former colleague, Vivienne Poy.

Please join me in wishing this association great success so that more Chinese Canadians and, indeed, Canadians from all minority groups will be better represented in the civic life of this country. Thank you.