If this is an emergency, if you or someone you know is injured, or if you are in immediate danger, please dial 911 immediately.

The spread of COVID-19 has brought about the spread of another type of virus: racism. Across the country, there have been rising incidents of hate. In particular, individuals of Chinese /Asian descent or even individuals who may look Asian, have become targets of racist acts. With the increasing atmosphere of anxiety and fear, some individuals or groups are choosing to stigmatize the virus and to find blame or a scapegoat for the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 hate crimes in Canada have included vandalism at a Buddhist temple in Montreal, a physical assault at a Costco, and a Korean restaurant having its storefront window vandalized. There have also been reports of individuals being coughed at or spat upon. These are all hate crimes. Please note that a hate crime is criminal in nature and includes physical assault, uttering threats (on-line or in person), distribution of hate propaganda, and vandalism. If you have experienced a hate crime you should also contact your local police.

Hate incidents, on the other hand, include, being shunned, verbal harassment, name calling, racist jokes or emails. As some hate incidents may be non-criminal in nature, the police maybe limited in their involvement. 

Overt racism and subtle discrimination can lead to a variety of emotions including, anxiety, fear and even depression. Acts motivated by hate that are criminal or non-criminal, should be reported. These incidents may not be reflected accurately in hate crime statistics as they may go unreported or undocumented. We all need to speak up and share our stories. If you have experienced either a hate crime or a hate incident, please report it here.

The ACCT Foundation is gathering statistics and data regarding the discrimination, harassment, and anxiety that Canadians face during COVID-19. The information collected will be used for the purposes of monitoring hate incidents/hate crime and for education, advocacy, and awareness. We are committed to collaborating with partner organizations to send a strong, clear message to the public and to the leadership in this country that any act of hate should not be tolerated and we all need to stand up and #ACT2endracism.

The ACCT Foundation respects the privacy and confidentiality of those who report any incidents. Any identifying information that you share with us, will not be shared publicly nor will it be shared with law enforcement or police, without your permission. You will not be contacted unless you choose the option to be contacted. The ACCT Foundation is working towards translation of the incident report form in several languages. Thank you for taking the time to file a report.