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Chinese report highest levels of racial harassment in UK

The Guardian reports: Chinese people in Britain report higher levels of racial harassment than any other ethnic group, according to the first study of its kind to be undertaken. The new research, which will be published this week by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex, suggests that 15% of Chinese men and women reported harassment last year, while between 4% and 10% of men…

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Canada making push to increase number of Chinese tourists, students

The Globe and Mail writes: Canada is making efforts to massively increase numbers of Chinese tourists and students as the federal government presses forward its rapprochement with the world’s second-largest economy. “Canada can easily double or triple or quadruple the numbers” of Chinese visitors, Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, said in an interview in Beijing Thursday. And “we’ll do whatever we can” to increase the ranks of…

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Developer to revise controversial project proposal in Vancouver’s Chinatown

The Globe and Mail reports: Vancouver’s planning director says he believes the developer trying to build a controversial project in Chinatown will come back with a vastly improved design that the city can approve. … But that is completely at odds with what some of the most vocal opposition groups want: They don’t care if the building is better designed if it remains a condo building. “It’s about the substance of…

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What is to blame for the widening racial earnings gap?

The Globe and Mail writes: Canada’s labour force has become more diverse, but visible minorities as a whole still struggle to achieve parity in the labour market. Even accounting for differences in individuals’ characteristics, the data show that the slow process of integration for immigrants merits special attention. More than one-fifth of Canadians are visible minorities – non-Indigenous and “non-Caucasian” in race or non-white in colour – according to the…

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Force 136: Chinese Canadian Heroes

ACCT Director Henry Yu speaks about abuse of Chinese Canadians in Vancouver, and their experiences serving in the Canadian Forces to show their loyalty to our country. In 1944, approx. 150 Chinese Canadians were recruited and dropped behind Japanese enemy lines. We meet the surviving soldiers to hear how they fought for our country even while they were denied the full rights of Canadian citizens.

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Vancouver to apply for UNESCO World Heritage Site designation for Chinatown

The Vancouver Sun reports: Chinatown is a designated heritage district at all three levels of government — municipal, provincial and federal. Now the city wants to make it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. “There are literally hundreds and hundreds of these designated sites all over the world,” said UBC history professor Henry Yu. “In essence the designation recognizes that this spot is important and significant, basically in human history.” Yu is…

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U.S. drops robotics trade secrets case against Chinese-Canadian man

Reuters writes: U.S. prosecutors on Friday dropped charges against a dual citizen of China and Canada accused of trying to steal trade secrets from a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of robotic surgical products by trespassing at its headquarters. Federal prosecutors in Boston did not detail why they decided to dismiss the case against Dong Liu, who was arrested in August. But his lawyer had argued that prosecutors lacked evidence that Liu accessed Medrobotics…