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Quen Chow Lee, lead plaintiff in lawsuit over Chinese head tax, dies at 105

The Toronto Star writes: Quen Chow Lee, one of three immigrant litigants who led a class-action lawsuit against Ottawa over its discriminatory Chinese head tax, has died. She was 105. Born in China in October 18, 1911, Lee was nicknamed “Nooey Quen” — meaning women’s rights in English. Do you have ancestors who were Chinese head tax payers? How did the head tax affect your family or community? Please share…

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Why Do We Call Asian Americans the Model Minority?

In this video, AJ+ explores: The Model Minority Myth is a pervasive stereotype of Asian Americans in the United States. The stereotype continues to have a harmful affect on both individuals and Asian American communities as a whole. Have you or your loved ones ever been stereotyped with characteristics of a model minority, such as being good at math or studying too hard? Please share your experiences below.

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‘Dirty Chinese Restaurant’ game perpetuates racist stereotypes

The now abandoned game Dirty Chinese Restaurant game drew condemnation from members of the public and lawmakers in Canada and the US, and the Chinese Consul General: ‘Dirty Chinese Restaurant’ game denounced as racist by U.S., Ont. politicians – CTV News ‘Dirty Chinese Restaurant’ Game, Criticized for Racism, Will Not Be Released – NBC News A promotional video by the studio who developed the game (pulled, but mirrored here) shows employees looking…

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After 200 years without land title, Nova Scotia black communities offered hope

CBC News writes: The empty lot in North Preston, N.S., has been in the hands of Elaine Cain’s family for many years, a connection that stirs in her a sentimental bond with the piece of land. But despite the fact her family has long paid property taxes on it, they have never held the deed. On Wednesday, Cain welcomed as a “bright day” an announcement by the Nova Scotia government that it will provide…

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I’m A Chinese-Canadian ‘Banana’ And Proud Of It

Isabelle Khoo writes: My mother calls me a banana. In her words, I’m white on the inside, but yellow on the outside. She’s not wrong. As a Chinese-Canadian, I often call myself the whitest Asian you’ll ever meet. While this used to stem from a rejection of my Asian culture, being a banana has become my identity as a child of a Chinese immigrant. My rejection of my Chinese heritage…

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China vs. America – Managing the Next Clash of Civilizations

Foreign Affairs writes: As Americans awaken to a rising China that now rivals the United States in every arena, many seek comfort in the conviction that as China grows richer and stronger, it will follow in the footsteps of Germany, Japan, and other countries that have undergone profound transformations and emerged as advanced liberal democracies. In this view, the magic cocktail of globalization, market-based consumerism, and integration into the rule-based…

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Racist death threats linked to Charlottesville violence aimed at Calgary school trustee candidate

CBC News writes: A Calgary woman running to become a school board trustee says she’s been the victim of racist death threats on Facebook that reference the killing of an anti-fascist protester in the U.S. “I’m still in shock, for many reasons,” said Nimra Amjad, who is running in the upcoming municipal election to become a school trustee in Ward 3 and 4. “You don’t expect this kind of thing to…

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NGOs tell UN panel Canada is failing on ending racism

Shree Paradkar at The Toronto Star writes: Every day when I read news from around the world, I have occasion to feel thankful to be in Canada. Yet, I was surprised this weekend to hear many Canadians, revolted by the events unfolding in Charlottesville, Va., say: At least we’re not as bad. In reality, our history, too, involves slavery, indentured labour, brutal oppression and colonization. Our country, too, has thriving right-wing…

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You might have been born in Canada – but does Beijing think you could be a Chinese citizen?

SCMP writes: For Hong Kong-born Canucks and their children, that simple question has been complicated in recent days by some discomfiting reports. At the heart of the matter are two teenagers who applied through a Toronto travel agency to visit mainland China as part of a student study group. Despite having been born and bred in Canada, the teenagers were reportedly denied 10-year Chinese visas for their Canadian passports last…

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No south Calgary Mandarin program for CBE next year

Metro News reports that the Calgary Board of Education will discontinue the Mandarin program at a South Calgary junior high school in the upcoming school year despite strong support from the parent community for expansion of the South Mandarin Bilingual Program.