Promoting an equitable and inclusive society:
Anti-racism Campaign and Actions

ACCT Foundation, together with ACT2endracism partnership network, are working to highlight the equality and human rights impacts of COVID-19. We make effort to provide essential intelligence about the issues and problems that people and communities are facing due to the pandemic, and help to find compassionate solutions.

We’ve gathered the current Canada’s Charter or Right’s Constitutions, Canadian policies on human rights, multi-culturalism, and anti-racism strategies for your review.

We closely monitor the Anti-Asian Racism Situation in Canada. We gather survey, polls, news etc. to help understand the Anti-asian sentiment during the pandemic 

ACCT work with experts in research and academia to develop resources to support the community. WE regularly release publications to create more context and awareness of the key issues that ACCT is engaged in.

We have launched an Anti-racisim Action Center to collect and track incidents of racism and stigma, to help Canadian Chinese to voice against racism, stigma and discrimination.

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