Anti-Asian Racism in Canada: Lived Experiences, Impact on Mental Health, and Access to Services and Support

This research was made possible by funding from the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. We acknowledge the thoughtful contributions of the members of the Advisory Committee and the Community Liaison Team. Their knowledge, experience, and support have contributed to the success of this community-based research project.


People of Asian descent have contributed to the development of Canada as a country since the 1700s. Yet, throughout Canada’s history, they have been subjected to interpersonal and state-sanctioned racial discrimination, such as head taxes, exclusionary or restrictive immigration measures, denial of voting rights, denial of employment and internment (Government of Canada, 2023). In contemporary times, their experiences with violence and discrimination throughout the COVID-19 pandemic have heightened public awareness of anti-Asian racism.

This study collected and analyzed quantitative and qualitative data from a pan-Canadian online survey and interviews, which focused on respondents’ experiences with anti-Asian racism and its impact on their well-being, their patterns of accessing informal support and formal services following racist incidents and recommended strategies to prevent and address anti-Asian racism. A total of 513 respondents completed the online survey. The research team further interviewed 32 individuals individually or in small groups.