Tips for victims of hate-motivated acts

Thank you for submitting the COVID-19 Racism Incident Report!  If you are the victim  of this incident, you may find the following tips helpful. If you are  a family, friend, or acquaintance of the victim, please forward this page.

Covid19 Racism Report Police

If you are a victim of physical assault, you can use reasonable force to protect yourself from harm. Call for help, if possible. If you face imminent harm, call the police.

Covid19 Anti-racism CallIf you are the target of racist insults, jokes, or other verbal taunts, note down the physical description and vehicle license plate, and take a video/photo whenever possible, of the aggressor. Avoid reacting verbally or physically.

Covid19 Anti-racism NoteNote down all the details you can remember including the date, time, and place of the offence; a description of the incident; and where possible, the names and phone numbers of individuals who can act as witness.

Covid19 Anti-racism SupportIf you have any physical and/or psychological injury, consult a doctor.

Covid19 Racist VandalismIf your property is the target of hate vandalism, take photos/videos of the damages.

Covid19 Racism Get Help

If you can, approach someone external for help (e.g., teacher, store manager, other third party member).

Covid19 Racism Get HelpContact your local civil rights organizations as they can assist and accompany you in filing a complaint at the appropriate authorities such as the police or your provincial Human Rights Commission.  A list of contacts for Human Rights Commissions can be found at

This information is brought you by ACCT Foundation and reprinted with permission from Center for Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR).