Various public resources, publications, and articles on the topics related to Chinatown, COVID-19, Racism, Hate Crime, Whitewash, and Revitalization.

Article discussing the SF Peace Collective, a group of community leaders that was formed as a response to the racism, violence, and xenophobia that Asian Americans have been experiencing in San Francisco Chinatown.

Author: Ernestine Siu

Publication: NextShark

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Article discussing hateful messages that have been scrawled on the windows in Vancouver’s Chinese Cultural Center. The article goes on to describe the spike in hate crimes against Asians during the pandemic.

Author: Jon Woodward

Publication: CTV News

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Article discussing the need for a federal action plan to revitalize Canada’s Chinatowns following the pandemic and spike in anti-Asian racism. Cultural, social, security, and economic infrastructure support are especially crucial needs that have been neglected due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Author: Bill Kaufmann

Publication: Calgary Herald

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The article describes Reno’s Chinatown in Nevada and how it was burned down twice in the past. A 2021 Facebook post from the city was accused of “whitewashing” history, as it brushed off the events as the Chinese community being pressured to relocate.

Author: Randall

Publication: AsAmNews

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A Facebook post detailing vandalism that occurred on iconic murals, heritage buildings, businesses, and alleys in Vancouver’s Heritage Chinatown.

Author: Winston Sayson

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An article depicting the vandalism that occurred on murals in Vancouver’s Chinatown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Author: Mike Howell

Publication: Vancouver Is Awesome

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A Facebook post showing the support for Albert Leong who turned over the keys to the historical building of Bow On Tong in Lethbridge. The store has been around since 1941 and sold natural health items, becoming a staple in Chinatown.

Author: Jan Gong

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The article discusses the importance of economic revitalization to bring people back to Vancouver’s Chinatown. The city of Vancouver is pushing for a UNESCO designation which would protect and preserve Chinatown as a world heritage site.

Author: Kristen Robinson

Publication: Global News

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The article discusses how a group of artists are using fiction to describe the history of the Chinese community in Calgary. Specifically, it discusses the history of Calgary’s Chinatown.

Author: Sarah Moore

Publication: CBC News

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