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Infographic by the ACCT defining what information hygiene is and how to practice it. Specifically, information hygiene refers to the personal tools and skills used to evaluate information we consume and spread.

Author: ACCT Foundation

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Article on how the Chinese government promised to revise a bill on issuing “green cards” to foreigners. Citizens protested and express that they don’t want any more immigrants. Social media comments online show xenophobia towards black individuals and Islam.

Author: Viola Zhou & Arman Dzidzovic 

Publication: Inkstone News

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Article discussing a resolution blaming China for causing a global pandemic and calls on the Chinese government to publicly declare that COVID-19 began there. Association of the disease with a geographical region will lead to stigma, discrimination and violence directed at groups of people. The article discusses discrimination faced by other Asian Americans, not just Chinese Americans.

Author: Jennifer Bendery 

Publication: Huffington Post

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Article on how the Quebec government decided not to gather data about the race of those infected with COVID-19 despite an earlier statement saying they would. The article discusses the importance of this data as well as the effect of COVID-19 on Quebec.

Author: Matthew Lapierre

Publication: Montreal Gazette

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Article discusses how feds should ask jurisdictions to gather more data on race, language and economic status. It discusses the shortcomings of the current federal strategies against racism.

Author: The Hill Times

Publication: The Hill Times

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Video discusses systemic racism in Canada through a comedic and family-friendly lens.

Author: Brittlestar

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Opinion piece discussing how Western coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic is inherently racist. The piece provides numerous examples in which the successes of ‘developing’ nations in fighting COVID-19 are overshadowed by the responses of other white nations in Western media, despite not being nearly as successful as the ‘developing’ nations.

Author: Indi Samarajiva

Publication: indica

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Article discussing the controversy with a school district in Washington that excluded Asians from “students of color” in a performance report. Asians were instead grouped with White students.
Author: Carl Samson

Publication: NextShark

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Article on how the British Columbia government gave Chinese speakers stricter COVID-19 rules in which the BC Minstry of Health’s website states customers may only dine or eat with persons from their same household or core bubble, which only appeared in traditional and simplified Chinese. An English equivalent of this rule was not found.

Author: Ian Young

Publication: South China Morning Post

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Article discussing a province-wide campaign in British Columbia where billboards with the words “Am I racist?” have been popping up. The point of these billboards was to highlight systemic racism and how it is an urgent problem.

Author: Amanda Wawryk & Kathryn Tindale

Publication: City News
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Article discussing how anti-Asian violence is entangled in misogyny and often disproportionately targets Asian women. It discusses how the shooting at the Asian-owned spas highlights the intersectionality of both race and gender, and how Asian women are stereotyped as exotic, timid, and docile. The article also discusses historical implications on the stereotypes against Asian women.

Author: Jenn Fang

Publication: The Washington Post

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Article on a bill passed in the Illinois lower house requiring public schools to teach Asian-American history in public schools. The bill has been promoted by the advocacy group Asian Americans Advancing Justice since early 2020 and has increased in popularity following the attacks on Asian women in Atlanta.

Author: Nathan Layne

Publication: Reuters

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Article discussing multiculturalism in Canada. The author discusses her experience with anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic and the overall spike in which Asian women are being disproportionately targeted. The author discusses the history that highlights how Canada is not immune to anti-Asian racism, despite the celebrated history of multiculturalism.

Author: Tina J. Park

Publication: Policy Options

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An image of a power circle used to understand aspects of intersectionality, identity, individual and systemic barriers. The circle is drawn from critical race theory.

Author: Canadians United Against Hate

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Article on the recent banning of critical race theory in Florida. This has been a trend across the country as more local boards of education and states are pushing against teaching the impact of systemic racism and critical race theory in schools.

Author: Leah Asmelash

Publication: CNN

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Article on the Colour of Poverty – Colour of Change asking UN Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) to recognize Canada’s failure to comply with international human rights obligations. NGOs are seeking more specific data that specifies race, gender, disability to measure impact of policies. Also looking into immigrant detainees affected by laws.

Author: Shree Paradkar

Publication: Toronto Star

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Report promotes awareness of Canadian values and traditions, and our understanding of the Canadian identity. The report is meant to celebrate Canada’s diversity through examination of bilingualism and multiculturalism, attachment to Canada, attitudes toward religion, and youth.

Author: Canadian Race Relations Foundation

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An article from Education Canada Vol. 48 discussing racism in Canada’s past. Specifically, the article discusses related concepts of racism and how they manifest into a hidden curriculum in educational settings to maintain a discriminatory learning environment.

Author: Ratna Ghosh

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Essay discusses marginalization of ethnoracial minorities in Canadian schools as a result of personal attitudes, interpersonal interactions and institutionalized structures, policies, and practices, and the power differentials. Analysis is done through the antiracist education approach, an approach that focuses on recognizing the social and political significance of race and acknowledges the existence of inequitable power relations and interactions at the interpersonal and institutional levels.

Author: Hieu Van Ngo

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A summary of the report on a consultation regarding systemic racism and discrimination within the jurisdiction of the City of Montreal. The consultation was meant to underline the current state of affairs and highlight solutions and enlarge perspectives to guide decision-making. Specifically, this is a summary of the third chapter of the full report – the findings of the Commission, analysis, and recommendations for actions taken by the City of Montreal to fight systemic racism and discrimination.

Author: Office de Consultation Publique de Montreal

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An article from Statistics Canada discussing the disparity in the distribution of greenspaces (green environment) among different age, education/income, immigration status, time since immigration, self-reported ethnicity, and neighbourhood deprivation indices. Green area accessibility have been correlated with better health outcomes.

Author: Lauren Pinault, Tanya Christidis, Olaniyan Toyib &Dan L. Crouse

Publication: Statistics Canada

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The tenth report by the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage on systemic racism and religious discrimination. The report includes an introductory overview on existing legal framworks, initiatives, definitions in the study of systemic racism and religious discrimination, race and religion issues in Canada, and action plans on how to move forward.

Author: Hon. Hedy Fry

Publication: House of Commons Canada

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An opinion piece in which the author, a Chinese Canadian, stands with Indigenous communities to speak up about Canada’s history of violent oppression. It details the spike in racism and hate crime against Black, Muslim, and Asians, as well as the history of anti-Asian racism. The author calls for everyone to be in solidarity with fellow racialized Canadians.

Author: Diamond Yao

Publication: The Star

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Opinion piece discussing how many states are considering laws to ban the teaching of critical race theory in public shools. The author explains that CRT is not a racist ideology and is not taught in public schools, and that right-wing media has branded all reform efforts in education and employment as CRT. The author also explains what CRT actually is.

Author: Gary Peller

Publication: Politico Magazine

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Article discussing how Illinois has become the first state to mandate Asian American history to be part of its public school curriculum beginning in the 2022-23 school year. Schools will teach the contributions of Asian American communities to the economic, cultural, social, and political development of the United States.

Author: Kimmy Yam

Publication: NBC News Asian America

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