Various public resources, publications, and articles on the topics of culture, race, and identity. 

Article on the cultural differences surrounding mask wearing in the East and the West. In the East, wearing a mask is seen as a collective responsibility to reduce transmission of the coronavirus, some businesses barred customers without masks. In European countries and the US, face masks are sometimes used to racialize and stigmatize those of East Asian descent. Regardless of the efficacy of face masks in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, cultural context plays a role in whether people are willing to wear masks.


Sarah Zheng – South China Morning Post

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Article discussing the usage of face masks to protect against the spread of COVID-19. It discusses how early in the pandemic, Asia adopted face masks while America initially went against its usage. As the pandemic develops, guidelines changed to favoring masks.

Author: James Griffiths – CNN

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An opinion piece that discusses the author’s experience when she immigrated to Canda with her parents. She describes how everyone was different in her classrooms compared to the homogeneity in Hong Kong, and how these classrooms reflected the best of what Canada should be. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted that Canada is far from being free of racism and hate.

Author: Mary Ng – The Star

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Article discussing the model minority myth and how it raises the standards for Asian Americans. It also discusses how, despite the model minority microaggressions, Asians are not exempt from racism before and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Author: Jenna Ryu – USA Today

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A personal piece in which Simu Liu explains his concern for his parents’ safety because of the hate crimes being committed against Asian people that has spiked over the past year. He speaks out on the numerous microaggressions against Asians in the past years, as well as the bystanders and witnesses who do not speak up or even believe racism against Asian people exists.

Author: Simu Liu – Variety

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Article discussing the explorASIAN festival. The festival this year discussed the Model Minority Myth and the importance of history education of people of colour in Canada.

Author: Xi Chen – The Source

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Radio podcast where the host discuss anti-Asian racism during Asian Heritage Month.

Author: David Gray, Angela Knight – Calgary Eyeopener

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A biography on the late Corky Lee, whose life’s work was photographing Asian Pacific Americans. His work was paramount in documenting what it meant to be Asian-American throughout history.

Author: Hua Hsu – The New Yorker

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Retrospective essay/autobiography by actor Simu Liu. Simu recounts his relationship with his parents: how his parents were tough on him during childhood, his change in career from accounting to film, and his newfound understanding/appreciation regarding why his parents were so tough on him during childhood.

Author: Simu Liu – Macleans

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Report promoting awareness of Canadian values and traditions, and our understanding of the Canadian identity. The report is meant to celebrate Canada’s diversity through examination of bilingualism and multiculturalism, attachment to Canada, attitudes toward religion, and youth.

Author: Canadian Race Relations Foundation

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Article discussing the importance of economic revitalization to bring people back to Vancouver’s Chinatown. The city of Vancouver is pushing for a UNESCO designation which would protect and preserve Chinatown as a world heritage site.

Author: Kristen Robinson – Global News

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An article discussing how lot of Chinese immigrants who did not finish high school lacked awareness on the subject of white supremacy. With the killing of George Floyd, the article describes this as an opportunity for self-reflection in the Asian American community, especially to talk to families about the anti-blackness in their own community.

Author: Sakshi Venkatraman – NBC News Asian America

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Blog post describing burial rituals in Chinese culture and its importance. A history of these rituals were also provided for context and a list of Chinese cemeteries were given.

Author: Charmaine Ng – My China Roots

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Facebook page for the Chinese Canadian Military Museum.

Author: Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society

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Opinion piece describing the difficulty for many Asian Americans to talk about mental health issues to their parents and family. The article discusses why older Asian generations have difficulty understanding mental health, the role of cultural differences, and how to build a support system/stop the stigma.

Author: Leanna Chan – NextShark

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An article discussing Larry Itliong, a Filipino American who was a key figure of the Asian American movement. The article describes his history and how his actions has been lost in history until recent.

Author: Ryan General – NextShark

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