Various public resources, publications, and articles on the topics of culture, race, Intersectionality, Leadership, Women, Indigenous, Racism, Hate Crime, COVID-19, History, the Model Minority Myth, and Visible minorities.

Infographic designed by the ACCT Foundation on employment of visible minorities in Canada. It discusses the racial wage and employment gap that still exists in Canada to this day.
Author: ACCT Foundation
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Article discussing the recognition received by Dr. Theresa Tam and Dr. Bonnie Henry. The article highlights how Ms. Henry received vastly positive recognition for her work while Ms. Tam has been criticized and rebelled against despite both disseminating the same information regarding COVID-19. It proposes that this may be because Tam is a person of colour.
Author: Mita Naidu

Publication: The Georgia Straight
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Article discussing how some individuals are gathering grassroots information that suggests under-reporting of racist incidents. The article goes on to highlight examples of the recent spike in anti-Asian hate crimes. Author: Joanne Lee-Young Publication: Vancouver Sun Access Article
Video where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls on provinces to request COVID-19 testing and contact tracing help. He also condemns racist acts against Asian Canadians, stating that “Hate, violence, discrimination has no place in Canada”. Author: CBC News Access Video
Article discussing a series of plays and monologues that highlight racism east and south-east Asian communities in the UK are experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic titled WeRNotVirus. This production was made as a response to the spike in anti-Asian racism since the beginning of the pandemic. Author: Lanre Bakare Publication: The Guardian Access Article
Article discussing the confusion arising from the announcement that wearing masks can help prevent COVID-19. It highlights how this change is a result of evolving understanding of the virus, yet wearing a mask has increasingly become a political statement. The article also discusses the importance of mask wearing. Author: Inderveer Mahal Publication: Macleans Access Article

Article discussing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s condemnation of the surge in hateful violence towards Asian Canadians. The article discusses a variety of hate crimes that have occurred since the start of the pandemic and how Trudeau’s remarks contrast the xenophobic and racist tweets from US President Donald Trump.
Author: Samantha Beattie
Publication: Huffington Post
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Official declaration in French by the Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade standing up for Chinese Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic. Author: Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade Access Official Declaration

Article on Canadian organizations and community groups that have joined the ACT2EndRacism coalition during the spike in Anti-Asian Racism. It discusses how ACT2EndRacism is working on a standardized reporting tool for all cases of racism and the data collected will inform which policy changes to push for.
Author: Deanna Cheng
Publication: New Canadian Media
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Video on how anti-Asian sentiment affects Chinese Canadians and their businesses even a year after the novel coronavirus was confirmed.
Author: CBC News
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Article on a Master of Journalism student who recieved national coverage after writing a blog post detailing a verbal and physical racist attack on her grandmother. Her story attracted the attention of the Ottawa Citizen, Pembroke Today’s radio show, the CBC and CTV News, as well as the mayor of Pembroke. Author: Jena Lynde-Smith Publication: Carleton University Journalism and Communication Acess Article
Article calling for more media coverage of violence against Asian Americans. Example incidences of anti-Asian racism were outlined, however many go unreported. Author: Angela Fu Publication: Poynter Access Article
A video in which former NBA star Jeremy Lin says that he has experienced racism while playing basketball. Author: CNN News Access Video
Article on NBA veteran Jeremy Lin and his concern over the spike in anti-Asian racism. The article also discusses how Lin himself has been called “coronavirus” on court. Author: Jonathan White Publication: South China Morning Post Access Article
Article on a international Chinese basketball, part of the WNBA, speaking out about the anti-Asian violence in New York. Her team stood by her side in solidarity for the affected Asian-American demographic. Author: Andrew McNicol Publication: South China Morning Post Access Article
A virtual town hall hosted by NBC Asian America discussing how the Asian American and Pacific Islanders community has been coping with the rise in anti-Asian violence. The entire video is approximately 1 hour long. Author: Vicky Nguyen Publication: NBC Asian America Access Video (requires Facebook log-in)
A personal piece in which Simu Liu explains his concern for his parents’ safety because of the hate crimes being committed against Asian people that has spiked over the past year. He speaks out on the numerous microaggressions against Asians in the past years, as well as the bystanders and witnesses who do not speak up or even believe racism against Asian people exists. Author: Simu Liu Publication: Variety Access Opinion Piece

Article on the new ‘Eyes Open’ campaign that targets anti-Asian racism. This PSA was created in response to the pandemic and spike in racial violence. It specifically discusses how Asians have long gotten used to the model minority and not talking about their issues.
Author: NBC News
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Article on the new ‘Eyes Open’ campaign that targets anti-Asian racism. This PSA was created in response to the pandemic and spike in racial violence. It specifically discusses how Asians have long gotten used to the model minority and not talking about their issues. Author: Amy Judd & Kylie Stanton Publication: Global News Access Article/Video
Article on author Celeste Ng and her experience as an Asian American woman. It describes how she used this experience for her book “Little Fires Everywhere”. Author: Kimmy Yam Publication: NBC Asian America Access Article
Article on the founder of Pacific Arts Movement, Lee Ann Kim, speaking out against xenophobia towards Asian Americans and Trump’s use of “Chinese Virus”. Made parallels to the “Yellow Peril Era” and the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882. Author: Carl Samson Publication: Next Shark Access Article
An article from Statistics Canada that is the first to provide a socioeconomic profile of women board directors and officers in Canada from an intersectional lens. The study analyzed disparities in family, work and income characteristics mainly by gender and visible minority status. Author: Lea-Maude Longpre-Verret & Elizabeth Richards Publication: Statistis Canada Access Article
Infographic by Statistics Canada on the diversity among board directors and officers. The graphic specifically makes distinctions between men and women, immigrants, Indigenous, visible minorities and non visible minorities. Publication: Statistics Canada Website
Facebook post that shows Lewis Chow, a Canadian undercover agent during the Second World War. Publication: Historical Canada Facebook post