Various public resources, publications, and articles on the topics of culture, race, and identity for youth specifically 

A video by the ACCT and ACT2endracism on what to do if you experience racism in a school setting.

Author: Christine Cheung – ACCT Foundation

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A comic by the ACCT and ACT2endracism on what to do if you experience racism in school. It summarizes the video “What you and your friends can do if you experience racism at school?” and provides a definition of what a micro-aggression is. Resources to report a racist incident are also provided. Translations are provided for English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Filipino, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Author: Christine Cheung – ACCT Foundation

Original Comic in English
Comic Link in Traditional Chinese
Comic Link in Simplified Chinese
Comic Link in Korean
Comic Link in Filipino
Comic Link in Vietnamese

An article that discusses micro-aggressions and insecurities faced by Asian Americans growing up, and how The Asian-American Foundation (TAAF) was putting $250 million USD to address long-standing problems faced by Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities.

Author: Kok Xinghui & Sen Nguyen

Publication: South China Morning Post

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An article on a bill passed in the Illinois lower house requiring public schools to teach Asian-American history in public schools. The bill has been promoted by the advocacy group Asian Americans Advancing Justice since early 2020 and has increased in popularity following the attacks on Asian women in Atlanta.

Author: Nathan Layne

Publication: Reuters

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A article discussing how Illinois has become the first state to mandate Asian-American history to be part of its public school curriculum beginning in the 2022-23 school year. Schools will teach the contributions of Asian American communities to the economic, cultural, social, and political development of the United States.

Author: Kimmy Yam

Publication: NBC News Asian America

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Report promoting awareness of Canadian values and traditions, and our understanding of the Canadian identity. The report is meant to celebrate Canada’s diversity through examination of bilingualism and multiculturalism, attachment to Canada, attitudes toward religion, and youth.

Author: Canadian Race Relations Foundation

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A brochure by the ACCT Foundation that describes what racism and micro-aggressions are, the history of racism in Canada, its impact on mental health, and how to start the conversation with children.

Author: ACCT Foundation, ACT2EndRacism

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A report discussing the effects of anti-Asian racism and bigotry in the year since the COVID-19 pandemic started. The report discusses differential levels of impact bigotry had on different Asian Canadian age groups, with the ‘Hardest Hit’ group being younger and lower income Asian Canadians.

Author: Angus Reid Institute

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