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It has come to our attention that our name, ACCT Foundation, has been inappropriately used, mentioned and/or referenced on various social media platforms. In one case, a group on WeChat was created with “ACCT” in the group name without our knowledge and permission.

ACCT Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that is non-partisan and we do not engage in ANY political activities. Our mission is to empower Chinese-Canadians to participate, engage and have pride in all spheres and aspects of contemporary Canadian society. We accomplish this by facilitating leadership capacity building programs across OUR country so that we can build an equitable and inclusive Canada.

Please take note that any communications from ACCT Foundation will come directly from our official social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also use Mighty Networks to connect with our followers and send out regular emails to those who have subscribed to receive information from us. Only platforms administered by authorized ACCT personnel are considered as official. Should you receive communications otherwise with our organization’s name on it, please notify us by email at immediately. 

关于在社交媒体平台上使用 ACCT 基金会 (ACCT Foundation) 名称的声明

我们注意到,ACCT基金会 (ACCT Foundation)的名称在各种社交媒体平台上被不当使用、提及、和(或)被引用。例如,在ACCT基金会不知情、也未经ACCT基金会许可的情况下,有人在微信上创建了一个名为“ACCT”的微信群。

ACCT 基金会是一个无党派的非营利机构,我们不参与任何政治活动。我们的使命是让华裔加拿大人能够参与并积极从事于当代加拿大社会的各个领域和方面,并为此感到自豪。我们实现这一目标的方式是,在我们的国家开展促进领导力建设的项目,以便我们能够建立一个公平和包容的加拿大。

我们提请大家注意,ACCT 基金会的任何通讯将直接来自我们在 Facebook、Instagram、Twitter 和 LinkedIn 上的官方社交媒体平台。我们还使用 Mighty Networks 与我们的关注者联系,并定期向订阅接收我们信息的群体发送电子邮件。只有由 ACCT 授权人员管理的平台才是我们的官方平台。如果您收到其他带有我们组织名称的通讯,请立即通过电子邮件 通知我们。