Aspire to Lead

2021 Leaders' Summit - June 18, 19, 25, 26 and 29

A Series of Canada-Wide Virtual Gatherings for Aspiring, Emerging & Established Chinese Canadian Leaders


Thinking of making a donation to ACCT Foundation? Here’s how you will get the official tax receipt.

Your 2021 Official Tax Receipt will be issued by Diversecities. Diversecities’ support aligns to the very core of the principles the organization was founded on: to create an inclusive and supportive society, where all peoples have equitable access to every aspect of good that Canada has to offer; making social mobility accessible for Calgarians.

Please make payments payable to: Diversecities and include one of the following memos:
– ACCT Summit 2021; or
– ACCT General Donation.

Payments can be made:

By Cheque and Mail
   1406 – Centre Street NE
   Calgary, Alberta
   T2E 2R9


By E-transfer

A password is required for e-transfers. Please ensure the password is emailed to

Your 2021 Official Income Tax Receipt will be issued and sent to you upon receiving payment. Please ensure the following information is correct:
– Donor/Sponsor Name
– Email receipt and Email address (or Mail receipt and Mailing address)

Official Tax Receipts are only issued for amounts $25.00 and above. Contributions requiring Official Tax Receipts are accepted until December 31, 2021. All contributors and their information to ACCT Foundation will not be shared or disclosed with any other organization without written authorization. This sponsor is limited and restricted in use of information only to the issuance of Official Tax Receipts.

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