2023 Aspire to Lead Chinese Canadians Leaders' Summit - June 23-25 | Ottawa, Ontario

From Assimilation to Inclusion: Leading with Your Whole Authentic Self

Leadership topics that will be discussed will include:

  • Bearing witness – An inter-cultural dialogue on what it means to bear witness and how that will help you become a better leader and ally with other marginalized and equity seeking groups.
  • Do you know what you don’t know?
    • What is it like to have a seat at the table as a Chinese Canadian? In this session, we talk to leaders about their journeys, surprises and have a conversation on whether our cultural heritage has prepared us to be at the top.
  • Chinese Canadians in unexpected places
    • hear from Chinese Canadian leaders who show up in unexpected places and how they stay in those roles and effect change.
  • Being comfortable in your own skin
    • Are you ready to bring your Chineseness into your leadership journey?

And more to come!

Our Speakers and Panelists


Ottawa, Ontario
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

This year’s Summit is held in Ottawa for a few reasons:

  • The significance of having a Summit for Chinese Canadians to explore our identity and leadership becomes even more important when considered in the context of the historical discrimination and exclusion faced by all of us.
  • For over 60 years, the Chinese Exclusion Act prevented Chinese immigrants from coming to Canada and limited the rights and opportunities of those already here. This left a lasting impact on the Chinese Canadian community, which still grapples with issues related to identity and representation today.
  • Holding our Summit in Ottawa provides the space and empowering environment needed for Chinese Canadians to come together and explore our shared experiences, as well as develop the skills and knowledge needed to lead with our whole authentic self.

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