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Day 1
27 Oct 2022

National Roundtable on Saving Canada’s Disappearing Chinatowns

There has been an enormous effort across the country to save Chinatowns in major cities. This roundtable, which will be held on Thursday, Oct 27, will provide an opportunity for...
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Day 2
28 Oct 2022

Learning to be Better Allies for Truth and Reconciliation

We kick off our Summit with an in-depth discussion to enhance our understanding of the historical ties and collaboration between Chinese Canadians and Canada’s Indigenous people, in line with the...
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Chief Stacey Laforme
Dr. Ava Hill
Jonathan Davey

The Japanese Canadian experience – a story of hope, resilience and growth

Su Yuen Chong from the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre will lead a discussion on the Japanese Canadians’ experience with legislated racial discrimination and the community’s continuous efforts to promote understanding,...
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Albert Wong
Su Yen Chong

Film Screening

We will be screening the film “All Our Father’s Relations” by Alejandro Yoshizawa. All Our Father’s Relations tells the story of the Grant siblings who journey from Vancouver to China...
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Day 3
29 Oct 2022

Chinese Canadians’ History

A deep dive into Chinese Canadians’ history and key issues that we face. Speakers: Arlene Chan, Andi Shi
Andi Shi
Arlene Chan

Chinese Canadians in Unexpected Places

In this session, we will hear from Chinese Canadian leaders who show up in unexpected places. We will discuss why they pursued their journey and what that experience was like....
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Albert Wong
Chief Kai Liu
Chan Hon Goh

Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

What is it like to have a seat at the table as a Chinese Canadian? In this session, we talk to leaders about their journeys, surprises and have a conversation...
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Yung Wu
Dean Lili Liu
Fay Wu

Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Are you ready to bring your Chineseness in your leadership journey? Is Canada ready for us? In this session, we discuss the importance of embracing who we are and what...
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Zexi Li
Andrea Jin
Hon. Yuen Pau Woo

Closing Remarks

Join our closing remarks with Lieutenant-General M.A.J. Carignan who will be discussing leadership challenges during cultural change.
Lieutenant-General M.A.J. Carignan, CMM, MSC, MSM, CD
Day 4
30 Oct 2022

Is Canada Ready For Us?

Hear from four Chinese Canadian leaders who ran for political party leadership and their thoughts on whether Canada is ready for Chinese Canadians to take the helm. Speakers: Hon. Michael...
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Hon. Michael Lee, MLA
Hon. Michael Chong, MP
Hon. Gary Mar Executive Council of Alberta
Victor Lau

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