ACCT Leadership Institute

Intensive Public Appointments Workshop

Are you ready to take on civic leadership roles?
Canadian institutions need your leadership.
February 2022
Dates to come!
Via Zoom Conference

About the Workshop

The ACCT Intensive Public Appointments Workshop is a two-and-a-half day program. We will review public appointments and other opportunities, as well as how to pursue them at the various levels. Participants will hear firsthand experiences from people working in government and those who’ve gone through the process. Participants will leave the program ready to seek out civic leadership opportunities.

Why Are We Doing This?

Canadian institutions need your leadership. Similar to other racialized Canadians, Canadians of Chinese descent are underrepresented in public entities such as public Agencies, Boards and Commissions/ crown corporations as well as civil society leadership roles.

Many Canadians of Chinese descent are well-positioned and ready to serve on public entities bringing needed diversity of experiences, perspectives and leadership to enhance decision-making and the development of democratic institutions in our pluralistic and racially diverse Canada.

It is the belief of ACCT Foundation that the majority of Canadians of Chinese descent who possess the qualifications to serve and contribute to Canadian public entities are not ‘aware’ of the opportunities, needs and benefits of civic leadership due to historical and current social context. The ACCT Foundation Leadership Institute offers training programs that include awareness raising, engagements, programming and support to civic leadership candidates.

Why Should You Attend This Workshop?

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop will prepare and support Canadians of Chinese descent to serve in public entities or civil society leadership roles to contribute to the continuing development of democratic institutions that are more inclusive and reflective of Canada. This opportunity is open to accomplished, public minded citizens and/or experts in their fields.

Program Facilitator

Teresa Woo-Paw
Founder, ACCT Foundation

Teresa Woo-Paw has dedicated her career to promoting active civic engagement and social inclusion. Over 40 years, Teresa has founded 7 organizations including the ACCT Foundation, and served on over 30 committees and boards. She is a social worker by training and consultant by profession, offering diversity training to numerous organizations.

Teresa’s community service has earned her many awards. She is also the first Trustee and Chair of the Calgary Board of Education of Asian Canadian descent (1995-99), as well as the first female Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and Cabinet Minister of Asian Canadian descent (2008-15).

Guest Speaker

Deputy Minister Daniel Quan-Watson
Deputy Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

Deputy Minister Daniel Quan-Watson will discuss Crown Corporations / civic leadership opportunities in public entities.

Deputy Minister Daniel Quan-Watson is the First federal Deputy Minister of Chinese descent. His appointment at Crown-Indigenous Relations and Indigenous Affairs is his fifth appointment as a Deputy Minister, having been Deputy Minister (and previously Associate Deputy Minister) of Western Economic Diversification, Chief Human Resources Officer for the Government of Canada and Chief Executive Officer, Parks Canada. He wrote an open letter on systemic racism in response to Rex Murphy’s National Post column “Canada is not a racist country, despite what the Liberals say”.

Much of his career has focused on work with Indigenous peoples and issues, having been the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister for Policy and Strategic Direction at the former Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Director General of the Aboriginal Justice Directorate at the federal Department of Justice, and Director of Aboriginal and Territorial Relations at INAC’s Northwest Territories Regional Office. With the Government of British Columbia, he was Director of Treaty Implementation and Settlement Legislation where he led the development of the Nisga’a Final Agreement Act (British Columbia) among other major initiatives and, with the Government of Saskatchewan where he was responsible for first negotiations between provincial Department of Education and what was then the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.

What is civic leadership?

Civic leadership is the means to address the opportunities and challenges communities face. While many may see civic roles as those pertaining to municipal, provincial, and federal roles, it is actually more than that.

You can be a civic leader by participating in your community association’s board, in your local library boards etc. If you have the passion to help others and solve society’s puzzles, you have the makings of a civic leader.

How to Apply

Submit your completed application to

Please include:

  • Current resume/CV and cover letter, providing your reasons for applying and how you are ready to take on civic leadership roles
  • Recommendation form or letter completed by your employer or community leader/colleague
  • Recommendation form or letter completed by a personal reference

Selection Process

The program selection committee includes 3-5 people from various sectors of Chinese Canadian descent.

We will invite shortlisted candidates to interview either in person or via video conference.

Please note, successful candidates will be contacted.

Program Fee

$150 via cheque or e-transfer is due upon acceptance.

Apply today by emailing