ACCT facilitates capacity building programs across the country, hosts leadership conferences, and provides a platform where work in academia can inform work in the community.

ACCT Leaders’ Summit

The ACCT Leaders’ Summit will bring together emerging and established leaders, representing Chinese Canadian achievement from across Canadian society.

This gathering will provide a forum for generating insights and knowledge, and connecting with inspirational leaders and peers, whose legacy establishes a foundation for lasting impact in efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable Canada.

Objectives for the summit are to:

  1. recognize and celebrate Chinese Canadian achievements, inspiring and empowering established and emerging leaders.
  2. share experiences, learnings, and recommendations for leadership growth from a Chinese Canadian perspective.
  3. foster relationships for sustainable community development and mentorship.
  4. introduce ACCT’s civic leadership training program and solicit feedback.

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ACCT Civic Leadership Program

ACCT Civic Leadership Program was originally scheduled for March 2020.

The purpose of this program is to:

  1. provide an identity and cultural context focused leadership training program
  2. address the gap in current leadership programs with the aim
  3. increase Chinese Canadians’ equitable participation and advancements in leadership roles (reduce persistent underrepresentation) and enhance sustainable civic engagement contributing to our diverse and multicultural Canada.

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